Cambridge Ranked

By Francesco Loy Bell September 20, 2016

The Top Dog in every field of life that you will need

 If there is one thing that you will have gleaned from the 17th ‘Top Tips for Fresher’s’ article that you have read (ours having obviously been the best), it is that time does not come abundantly during the Cambridge term. Juggling work life, social life, love life, sports, societies and snack shopping can be tough, especially with the abundance of options and invitations at your disposal. “I wish one of the 97 Cambridge-related publications would do my decision making for me” I hear you say- well no fear! Behold: Cambridge Ranked, Cambridge Fresher’s Week’s definitive whittling-down-so-you-don’t-have-to list of all of Cambridge’s best amenities. Now, in no particular order of importance:


  1. The Anchor

Located on the bank of the River Cam, this beautiful pub is where Pink Floyd used to hang out, and serves a cracking dinner.

  1. The Eagle

Want to do a Jaegerbomb in the seat that DNA was invented in? Go to The Eagle. With a lovely garden at the top of ‘meat street’, The Eagle is one of the more traditionally classy pubs in Cambridge.

  1. The Baron of Beef

I know, I know, shit name- hear me out though. The cheapest pint you will find in the city centre, and perhaps the whole of Cambridge, the Baron actually has a pretty decent outside area, and is bang in the middle of Cambridge.


  1. Trinity

Contentious, subjective and (possibly?) biased, but there is no denying the beauty of Newton and Byron’s former stomping ground. The Wren library (same bloke who did St. Paul’s Cathedral) makes you feel like you are about to be sorted by the Sorting Hat in HP, and hall is overlooked by that Holbein Henry VIII portrait- bit intense when you’re trying to get wasted on cheap wine in formal, but still quite sick.

  1. King’s

If the sprawling Trinity is the LA of Cambridge, King’s is the Manhattan. Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL chapel, which you will have probably seen on TV at your nan’s behind some kids singing carols on Christmas day. They also have their own cows.

  1. Newnham

Alright, it does feel a bit like a stately home, but Newnham is actually lush. Frolic in their immaculate lawns, and drift away into the daydream that you are in Downton Abbey and don’t need a Cambridge Degree because your dad will leave you this fuck off massive house anyway.


  1. Deliveroo

When Deliveroo came onto the scene last year, the food-delivery game changed, much for the better. Why get a butters kebab when you can get a Byron Burger or Itsu delivered to your door? Working closely with Cambridge Fresher’s Week, keep your eyes peeled for the next Fresher’s competition that we have lined up for you.

  1. Domino’s

Seems pretty obvious, but Domino’s can be so good after a night out. Two for one on Tuesdays, or use the code ‘ONEFREEE’ to get an extra Pizza, making the cost actually justifiable. Sort of.

  1. Van of Life

The best Chicken Quesadilla you will ever have in your life ever. Ah it’s so good. Also a nice little watering hole for catching up on the Lola’s goss when you’ve gone to my recommended clubs instead.


  1. Fez

Again, very contentious but- objectively- Fez is the best of the admittedly limited nightlife-pool in Cambridge. Once you get past the scary bouncers (shout out Jesus) the music is generally decent, with nights ranging from Berghain DJ’s to Sean Paul vs. R Kelly Tribute nights.

  1. Life (Kuda)

Ok, it does get a little hot and sweaty, but the dancing space in Life is pretty good, though you will probably spend most of your time in the always-packed smoking area.

  1. Cindies (Ballare)

It pains me to type it, but a Cindies night can actually be quite a fun one, and is (*shudders) pretty, um, unique to the Cambridge scene..? Shit in Fresher’s- the DJ plays songs for like nine seconds before stopping- Cindies calms down a bit as the term goes on and is pretty good after a swap or formal if you are really, really, really drunk.


  1. Creem

Creem is the team behind Strawberries & Creem Festival, who have previously brought brought Skepta, Nelly, Kano, Snakehips and more to Cambridge last summer. They manage to pull in some impressive acts throughout the year (Big Narstie and Preditah to name but two), and their resident nights, often hosted by Cambridge’s Finest, Cardinal Sound, are a fun mix of Grime, Garage and Hip-Hop, a welcome break from the norm. Creem DJ’s every Sunday at Fez make this one of the go to nights of the week.

  1. Junction

The least ‘Cambridge’ of the Cambridge nights out, Junction happens once or twice a month, and gets impressive acts. Last year Stormzy headlined their Halloween Night, and this year they look forward to welcoming President T, General Levy, Crazy Cousinz, Jamz Supernova, Akala and many more.

  1. Turf

The guys at Turf really know what they’re doing. Look out for great Disco, Techno and House nights, with a massively eclectic range of DJ’s from all around the world.


  1. Nana Mexico

Mexican restaurant which has 2 shops in Cambridge, so it is convenient for most. Awesome Burritos, Nachos and Tacos, the highlight of which is the Baracoa ‘Big Ass Burrito’, discounted for students on Mondays.

  1. Rey’s Chicken

One of the most ‘Shoreditch’ of the ‘meat street’ restaurants, Rey’s does what it says on the tin. Simple, low-key, reasonably priced, and the chicken is so peng (like Nandos’ posh uncle.)

  1. Zhonghua Traditional Snacks

Don’t be fooled by this bare/ Stazi-esque interior: the dumplings here are BANGING. Really cheap and not not too far away, this hidden gem is one of Cambridge’s lesser known secrets. If you like dumplings, and kind of want to feel like you like in New York, go here. You won’t regret it.


Hope this helps, and we’ll be back next week with part 2 of Cambridge Ranked.